2020 will go down in history not just because of the global pandemic but also for the positive impact the year had on golf.

Our story

In 2020 Golf in the UK benefited from an unexpected boom.  The majority of golf facilities experienced significant increases in footfall and golf related revenues.

They were driven by the mandated restrictions in place allowing golf to continue due to the recognised physical and mental benefits.  It is well documented in history that times of prolonged turmoil can trigger the best entrepreneurial and innovative cohorts. This period in golf’s history was the catalyst for the creation of the partnership that has become Legacy Golf Advisors.

For several years Chris and Stuart felt that a holistic advisory approach to help clubs and related golf businesses unlock their potential needed to exist within the industry. Confirmed by Ian who had increasingly been asked for wider club management advice from his trusted Timberlake Golf clients, the triumvirate, having worked together in many ways over the years, began to sow the seeds for building a collaboration to utilise their extensive experience and practical expertise to help shape a more positive sustainable future for golf businesses.

In order to fully define and create a plan to bring the collaboration to life, the trio wanted to deepen the bench with complementary knowledge and resource.  Paul was the perfect person to approach, having made such a success of his own businesses, Material Matters and Accountancy Matters, over that past 10 years, and lived the journey of starting up a successful business. Paul quickly introduced Mike to the team who was able to bring an institutional approach to building a new partnership having been a senior player in the world of investment management.

With the Founding Partners in place, Legacy was born and the hard work begin.

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